ASSENTRIX was created to provide an innovative, freemium (i.e., “as free as possible”) model tool that connected businesses together (“matrix”) and made approving safe suppliers (“assent”) simple while providing meaningful resources to help improve safety for every small and medium sized business.

To do this we are committed to providing:

  1. World class safety supply chain management system at the world’s lowest price;
  2. Free membership for all not-for-profit, non-government organisations (with or without supply chains);
  3. Consistent benchmarking standards and printable reports to enable visible, graphical trending of safety performance for all members;
  4. Tools which enable (and require) effective, active supply chain management;
  5. A simple, effective tool to enable positive collaboration and engagement across all supply chains.

Director Profiles

Chad Croft, B.Sc., PhD candidate – Managing Director

Chad is an environmental and operations manager with 15+ years managing business operations and major projects including staffing, budgets, strategic growth, risk management and stakeholder engagement.

Chad has experience managing contracts and major projects as well as providing advice and expertise to industry client sectors including oil and gas, infrastructure, forestry, construction and mining as well as government agencies. In addition, Chad has extensive technical expertise in environmental management as it relates to development in both terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems, environmental impact assessment and planning, mitigating environmental impacts, and regulatory approval and compliance.

Wendi Croft, B.Sc., CRSP – Operations Director

Wendi is a Canadian Registered Safety Professional (CRSP) with 15+ years’ experience as a safety professional, an environmental scientist, and a leader in business excellence, sustainability and corporate social responsibility.

Wendi has experience managing safety in supply chains in a wide variety of industries including rail, road, airside, water, wastewater, environmental remediation and contamination, building construction, industrial energy (thermal, nuclear, hydro), power transmission and distribution, forestry and oil and gas. Her experience as a strategic leader and lead auditor in multiple international jurisdictions demonstrates achievement of local and international standards and best practice.

Wendi is an appointed member of MBIE’s Hazardous Substances Guidance Group, appointed member of WorksafeNZ’s External Reference Group, elected member of the WasteMINZ H&S Steering Committee, Chair of the Business Leaders H&S Forum Technical Advisory Group and a consultant on the Worksafe NZ Specialist Consultancy Panel.