What is ASSENTRIX doing differently?

We recognise the inefficiencies of all our NZ businesses gathering basic information in word documents, emails and excel files all around the country. By centralising our data and making it consistent, it is a “win win”:

  • For suppliers and contractors, you only have to enter your safety management system and performance data once for all our clients and customer 
  • For clients and customers, you have immediate access to consistent and relevant data from everyone in your supply chain with automatic calculation of all your supply chain data

We can share instantaneously with eachother, learn from eachother and encourage eachother to improve safety performance on the various sites all around the country that our workers are on every day together.

Basic Membership

Receive invitations to connect with potential clients

Keep all your clients up to date with single entry data each month

Premium Membership includes all the benefits of basic plus:

Receive alerts of major changes to the safety performance of your supply chain and on your projects

Benchmark your performance against others in your industry

Request connections with unlimited suppliers and/or clients

What the Independent Taskforce on Workplace Health & Safety said:

“Our vision is that within 10 years New Zealand will be among the best places in the world for people to go to work each day and come home safe and sound. We believe that this is absolutely possible, but it will require an urgent, broad-based step-change in approach and a seismic shift in attitude… It will require strong top-down and bottom-up leadership.” Read the Full Report here