What is ASSENTRIX doing differently?

We believe that small and medium sized businesses in NZ deserve the same resources and opportunities as major corporations to analyse their incident data and monitor their safety performance.

We also recognise the time saving value for all organisations if data is readily available for PCBUs, clients and worksites or projects. By making the data live, we can easily consolidate supply chain data so principal contractors and site owners can get an accurate picture of their safety performance on demand.

And finally, we are committed to keeping you up to date with the latest research and understanding of effective performance indicators. As such, you will see our monitoring and reporting tools include:

  • The inclusion of Class 1 Workplace Related Injuries and Illnesses (WRII) outcomes which have been demonstrated to be more valid and reliable measures of damage than classic Lost Time Indicators (LTIs) and Lost Time Injury Frequency Rates (LTIFR);
  • The inclusion of positive performance indicators (PPIs, also known as Leading Indicators) which demonstrate activities undertaken to prevent injuries in their business;
  • On demand, comprehensive Directors Reports which include incidents and PPIs, communications, endorsements and referrals for good safety performance.

Basic Membership

Input your monthly safety performance data (incident & Positive Performance Indicator (PPI) data) which can then be used both for prequalification with your clients and for your own reporting

Print Directors Report which includes all performance data, endorsements/referrals, communications and profile info

Premium Membership includes all the benefits of  basic plus:

  • Tracking your monthly safety performance data (incident & PPI data) 
  • Print Directors Reports which includes all profile and performance data, benchmarking against your industry group, endorsements/referrals, critical competencies, communications and a list of qualified suppliers
  • Create Projects and add members of your supply chain to them so you can track incidents and trends
  • Roll up your supply chain and project specific safety performance data in your Directors Reports


What the Independent Taskforce on Workplace Health & Safety said:

“Accessible performance data and the publication of meaningful industry benchmarks are also limited. Further, there has been too little emphasis on the development of lead indicators. This has left industry bodies, businesses, unions and workers with inadequate information to compare prevention-management performance, identify weaknesses and develop appropriate interventions.”Read the Full Report here